Comstar asus wl 520gu прошивка, справку подтверждения оквэд на 2014 год

Comstar asus wl 520gu прошивка

Dec 16, 2010 Turns out, small, cheap WiFi routers like the Asus WL-520gu can run the DD- WRT Linux firmware and act as serial-to-network gateway for. Chapter 4: Configuring via the web GUI. WL-520GU. Upgrading the firmware. Note: Download the latest firmware from the ASUS website at asus. Mar 13, 2017 Use the Asus Firmware Recovery Tool, Version, available here switched to tomatousb (2.6), which works flawlessly for the wl-520gu.

ASUS WL-520gU is a 125Mbps wireless-g router which supports printer and file Remember to always keep your device's firmware up to date so you can. Current Version: 3.8.5 Supported Routers: 3,050 Main Language: English Supported Languages.

Asus 520gu wl прошивка comstar